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“Time flies when you’re having fun! From the moment we stepped foot on Buena Vida we have enjoyed every tiny detail. We will miss Julias exquisite meals paired with Brandon’s perfect sound track each time we ate. Snorkelling, exploring in beautiful caves and reefs, the gorgeous turquoise water and sunny beaches were divine. We are so blessed to have seen such amazing places and had a chance to know such wonderful people like Andy & Julia! They made our trip into a dream! I can’t imagine one without the other, they compliment another and went the extra mile to make our such an incredible & memorable time.

Trip Highlights:
-swimming with sharks
-swimming with sea turtles
– captain Andrew AKA “The land & sea animal whisperer introducing us to “spotty the swimming pig”
“sammy the sweet nurse shark,” and all the other animals that clearly know Captain Andrew.
– “Lenny” aka Nick feeding the sharks and all the other sea creatures every scrap.
* The guys getting lost at sea for a hot minute! Make sure you ask Andy about that one! Haha!

What a wonderful place in the world this is. We will truly miss the company and our time here! Until
we see you again… cuz we totally will… Take Care!”

Love the Utah Clan