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The Sailing Capital

This sailing capital is nestled in the perfect location right on the Chesapeake Bay. As a prominent port city along the east coast, it has great access to the entire bay for boaters.
Annapolis at one time used the slogan “sailing capital” for their city. As the capital city of Maryland and a prominent port, it was an easy claim to make.
Sailing and racing is a big deal in Annapolis. In fact, on Wednesdays, many local shops and restaurants close for weekly races. On the weekends, serious sailors from all over the country join the races. More than 3,000 boats occupy the town’s harbors and marinas.

The Naval Academy is located in Annapolis, and its sailing team is one of the top racing teams in the country. Many Navy veterans end up retiring back in Annapolis so they can continue enjoying sailing in the area.

Annapolis also hosts the National Sailing Hall of Fame and the Annapolis Maritime Museum. The port city is home to many sailing clubs.
Racing isn’t the only kind of sailing in Annapolis. Cruising is just as popular in the Chesapeake Bay. Being on the water during the Summer months offers quintessential East Coast sailing with too many places to visit in just 1 trip.

Sailors all around the world visit Annapolis for their boat shows and navel culture display.

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